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EVO Pure, Hardware Digital Broadcast System - One Way
Hardware Digital Computer Lab Broadcast System
Traditional teaching broadcast system has been confronting issues of slow data transmission, flickering visionary, data access instability and inconsistency, unexpected issues caused by external input devices, and most seriously is the vague image rendering from VGA. Team SoftEx has developed EVO Pure, which is designed with DVI-D, featuring to support high digital resolution up to 2560 x 1080. It is also equipped with a CAT6 cable, driving a high efficiency in data transmission. It is applied in campus learning studio and conference room, where require high digital visionary and stable data transmission. 

This system includes one Central Unit supported by a user friendly touch panel, one Repeater receives the signal transmitted by Central Unit and one Teacher Unit connected with Repeater distributes data to Student Unit(s). Every two students require one Student Unit, in which student units are sequentially connected one by one to reach a maximum usage of 90 students (45 Student Units are required).
A number of distinctive features designed in touch panel of Central Unit include three optional keys labeling in Tutor1, Tutor2, Tutor3, easing tutor to switch external input devices, such as personal computer, tablet PC or handheld device as smart phone in a prompt way. The function key marked in Blank in touch panel facilitates tutor remotely and centrally switching all students’ screens to a state of blank in order to draw attention to tutor’s speech. 

Some of undisciplined students might make noise influencing on others during the class. The function to blank entire students screens controlled by teacher forcing all of students dedicated to teacher's speech without distraction.

Server Basic Requirement
CPU >Dual core processor
Memory >8GB
Network environment Giga/1000Mbps
Harddisk >Sata 500GB
Support OS Server 2003® / 2008®/ 2012®  
Windows 7® /8.1®

User Basic Requirement
CPU >Dual core processor
Memory >4GB
Network environment Giga/1000Mbps
Harddisk >Sata 320GB
Support OS Windows XP® /7® /8.1® /10® 
Server 2003® /2008® /2012® 

One Way System Structure 


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